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Sustainability is an important topic in our company strategy. In addition to contributing to a healthier world, Dietmed has the desire to actively participate in the creation of a more sustainable world, which is a constant concern in our daily actions.


Intending to preserve the planet, Dietmed carries out several external and internal actions to reduce its ecological footprint and become a “greener” company. There are some of the most relevant:


  • Reuse of materials (pallets, glass water bottles, among others).
  • We have water fountains available in the company, along with a personalized glass bottle for each employee. This measure reduces the consumption of water in plastic bottles, reducing our ecological footprint.
  •  Availability of a dishwasher, that allows us to save thousands of litters of water per year.
  •  Offer organic fruit, supporting local production and sustainable agriculture.
  • We reduced the number of printers available in the company, to reduce the tendency of easy printing and consequently saving paper waste.
  • Recycling: the classic measure, but one of the most important and that we should all put into practice.

Based on our sustainability strategy and to help us protect the environment, in each product you can find how to recycle our products.